Jetstream Irons is proud to sponsor professional artists that we feel embodies our vision of the tattooing future. The following artists are sponsored and fully endorsed by ©Jetstream Irons and ©Flatline Professional Cables.

Antonio Hernandez

Antonio is a Pro Tattoo artist currently tattooing out of Double Minded Ink in Chicago Illinois. He currently competes in the convention circuits and is consistently placing he specializes in a chicano style Black & Grey with a modern finish using whites and strident blends to bring life to his work.

To contact tony about booking an appointment please call Double Minded Ink at 773-726-8200.

Wheelyum Dee

Wheely currently works out of Mad Tatter in Gatlinburg Tennessee and Dalton Georgia. He specializes in two of the most difficult areas of tattooing, color realism and high contrast realism. Having only been a professional artist for only 3 years Wheely is already considered a highly skilled and revered artist.

To contact Wheely about an appointment please call 423-637-7324.