Lead Builder and Professional Artist Johnny Gault Has been building tattoo machines and professionally tattooing for 7 years. Apprenticed by Cadillac Todd Messinger at Cadillac Tattoo in West Hollywood California Johnny and his brother Jess sought to change the world of tattoo at an early age. 

While Johnny and his brother had apprenticed together they differed in style and areas they wanted to become experts by a large margin. From early in his career Johnny found that more and more artists he knew were bringing machines to him to either fix them or retune them so that they could be used again. As time went on Johnny began to attend builders conferences and branched out into machine building on his own in 2009. After 3 years of successful tattooing he moved to Boulder Colorado and acted as the lead color expert for Enchanted Ink. While in Boulder Johnny gained the attention of fellow builders Seth Ciferri, Adam Ciferri, Mike Pike and Cory Rogers. Very quickly due to differing ideas Johnny made more enemies than friends due to his radical ideas regarding his concepts of free tattooing information.

After some time in and great success in building and tattooing in conventions Johnny moved his business to Tucson Arizona and apprenticed his younger brother Jess Gault in machine building. With investors and business partners they formed Jetstream Irons and Flatline Professional Machine Cables.

While Johnny remains lead builder he does not believe in the use of newer frames or styles. He firmly believes that the key to successful tattooing and the true future of tattooing rests in traditional concepts and styles of building, hence his use of only traditional frames and geometry. As you will notice with every machine made by Johnny, each piece has been made by hand out of only the finest purity materials and tested to ensure an exact and precision quality machine for the artist who strives toward perfection and the next level in their tattoo style.