• Image of Mini Walker Black & Grey shader
  • Image of Mini Walker Black & Grey shader

The Mini Walker B&G Shader is a Mini Walker style frame made from a single hematite cast of wrought iron that has been sanded, polished and oil quenched by hand. This machine features 1.00 hematite iron coil cores that are 8 wrapped with 250C precious baring magnet wire for incredibly low conductivity at very low voltage and they are wrapped with a red old school prizm tape in the fashion of Paul Rodgers himself "these things make coils sexy". This Shader has been tuned to run at an average handspeed and to build in layers in with a single pass to minimize time spent layering and minimize trauma caused by saturation building or doing second passes over shades that need to be reworked. This machine Like all machines made by johnny Gault comes with a lifetime structural warranty and a certificate of authenticity issued to the artist and hand signed by Johnny Gault, Shipping within the continental US is included in the price, though WE DO SHIP WORLDWIDE.
Machine specs: 115 hz @4.00 Volts
made for 7mag-15mag needles
6.21 oz in overall weight
made for both disposable and stainless tubes

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